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Marcella ShivShakti


Yoga Journey so far...


I began my Yoga journey in 2008 when I was introduced to Raja Yoga Meditation and Mindfulness in London.


Meditation  helped me to discover and embrace stillness, calmness, peace and deeper understanding of myself and perceive and relate to the world around me.


Few years later I fell ill and was almost hospitalised. From then on, I knew I had to find the ways to look after myself and find ways to heal without dependence on modern medicine.


Whilst on my journey to health, I attended courses in Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Indian Head


Massage (Champissage). I then discovered Ayurveda and underwent Panchakarma to detoxify my body and mind. It was an extraordinary experience and difficult to endure but it was worth it to clear my body, mind and soul and return to full health.


In 2015 I have realized the moment, that I was living in the life bound to certain perspective that didn’t support me in a healthy way; it was not close to my own truth and it was not aligned with my visions and dreams for myself. I had made a choice to tune into a new perspective; the power of my awareness that pushed me to find the strength, light and inspiration to start my life from the beginning. This is when I began my journey with Yoga. I began attending local Vinyasa  classes with the beautiful teacher Beccy, who hold safe space and nurtured my needs. Instantly I fell in love with the body movement and breathing - the feeling of light entering the dark room of my mind and heart.


I got inspired. It was a new flow of energy.


Whilst I was not a very experienced

Yogi nor did I have much body strength at that point, I so wanted to embrace this mystical Yoga world. I attended a course lead by inspirational teacher Claire Missingham and thanks to her encouragement and my determination; I started attending various Yoga classes daily for many months to build both the stamina and strength of body and mind to be able to study and completed a 200hr Yoga Teacher  Training with Yoga London.


It was and still is a long, tough and beautiful journey to self-development through the direct personal experience and guidance by my amazing teachers and Guru.

Along the way I attended and still continue to participate in various lectures, workshops and courses with local and international Yoga Teachers, to whom I am very grateful for sharing their wisdom, knowledge and support.


My practice and teachings include:

Ashtanga Vinyasa




Vinyasa Mandala



Yoga Nidra





I aim to continuously create my own detailed, inspirational and methodological approach to Vinyasa Yoga. To build specific methods of creating Mandala Krama and alignment, Pranayama, layering to music, dance and martial art movement, yogic and shamanic philosophy and psycho-spiritual work to release traumas trapped in the body.


I continue to build on this extensive research into body, mind, breath and spirit with connection with Nature,Mother Earth and Great Spirit Wisdom.


Love and Light Jai Ma

Marcella ShivShaktiYoga

















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