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What is wedding dance?


In weddings, the first thing you will do as a husband and wife after the ceremony is called wedding dance or first dance. After the ceremony, groom and bride usually will be invited to the floor for the first dance. For couples who know how to dance or have lessons before, this part can be very enjoyable, even a very special one. But for couples who do not know how to dance, this section may come as a persecution our aim as jay jay wedding dance is to make this very beautiful moment of the couples' wedding a very special occasion from the horrible minutes ...  


Which dances are being used for first dance?


First we need to mention that the name of the dance will be WEDDING DANCE... As a result of years of experience, our instructor has adapted the original dances, especially Rumba, Waltz, Slowfox, to suit the wedding dance. (It can be done easily with wedding dress and it can be easily learned in a short time)


Things to Do list for the Wedding


Definitely, do not take dance lessons as a thing to do for the wedding. On the contrary, you should see it as a time which for having fun and getting rid of stress... BUT please do not be too late to start classes! For example, the last day :)


Course Materials


There's only one thing you need to bring with you: A couple of smiles :) except this, your instructor will provide you with all kinds of materials...




Share your favourite song with our instructor, then he can tell you what kind of dance you can do, or use our archive...


Package Programs


Please check our package titles for the appropriate package ...

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